How to Mount a Rubber Stamp

I've been asked by a few people recently how I mount my rubber stamps and whether I seal the wood. Here's a little tutorial on what I do when I receive a new stamp set. The first thing that I will do is take my wood blocks outside and spray them. The sealant that I use is shown below.
I will let them air out for at least three hours before I bring them in the house. The reason that I seal the wood? Well, I really like the "clean" look of the wood, and honestly after 10 or 12 workshops the wood can really get covered in ink. If they're sealed, then most of the time the ink will just rub off. Then they will look new and fresh again. Some of my older stamps, that I didn't seal have pretty significant staining. I used to file off the stained wood with an emery board, but that was just too much work. So now, I seal them and just wipe them off after each workshop.

While I'm waiting for the wood to dry outside, I will then cut my rubber part of the stamp. I use my craft & rubber scissors, and I make sure that the blade is cutting the rubber at a 90ยบ angle. If you cut on a slant ( / or \ ) then your rubber will not stamp a clear image. When cutting, leave ⅛" between your cut & the image. Peel off the back and stick it to the wood block.

Once the rubber has been mounted, remove the sticker from the sheet and mount it to the other side of the wood. Be careful that you don't stick the sticker on upside down. You want the sticker to face the same direction as your stamp, so that what you see on top, is what you get when you stamp. Then you should have the finished rubber stamp as seen below.

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