Easy Favour Idea

This happens to be the easiest favour box that I've made. I've had a few requests on how to make it, so I thought that I would share that with you. All that you need to make it is a papercutter that has both a cutting blade and a scoring tool (this indents the paper but doesn't cut it). There are two things that I love about these boxes:
  • You can make 3 boxes with 1 sheet of 8½x11 Cardstock.
  • You don't need any tape at all.
The measurements: You want to cut your cardstock so it measures 8½ by 3½. You can do this three times on one sheet and you should have a little strip left over. Stamp whatever images you want prior to scoring.

First, on the two narrow ends, find the middle of these ends and make a pencil mark (should be at 1¾). This pencil mark will be the tops of the triangle. Next, so score the sheet at the 4¼ mark essentially scoring it down the middle making the bottom of the triangle. So now, we have the bottom of the triangle scored and we have pencil marks for the top. We finish off the favour by scoring the rest of the triangle, from the edge at the 4¼ mark to the pencil marks (see chart).

When you fold it up, you can punch out holes at the top, run ribbon through it and tie it to secure it. It works best if you use thick cardstock so your folds don't crack.

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Anonymous said...

These are really cute - might try and make some in a Christmas theme!
Thanks for sharing and teaching!
aka JeWill on LM

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