A Little Spring Cleaning today.

So my craft "space" has really needed an overhaul. I figured that since I had the day free, I should really get at it. I find that I just can't be creative amidst a cluttered workspace, so I plugged away and sorted, rearranged and cleaned up a bunch of stuff. Here's the new craft space and how I organized it:

First, for my cardstock, I picked up these 14x14 bins at Michaels and put all of my cardstock into them. I put two colour families into one bin, two more colour families into another, then in the remaining three I have my neutrals & chipboard, SS kits and my designer papers.

For my 8½x11 cardstock, I just re-filed it into my filing cabinet (Thanks Janelle!!). I have two file folder for each colour... one for opened cardstock and another for unopened cardstock. This filing cabinet has 4 nice large drawers and on the bottom two I have all of my business supplies.

Next, I sorted all of my regularly used stamp sets and ink pads in their places, just to make sure that they weren't piled everywhere. I also double-checked to make sure that I still had everything as I tend to "loan" out things and forget. The ink pad organizer I bought off eBay (less than $35CDN I believe) and the rack for my stamp sets is actually a wooden CD rack. All of the sets are held up by three wooden rods, so there aren't actually any shelves. I'm sure it would be very easy for a crafty hubby (hint hint - if you're reading this) to make one.

For my wheels and ink cartridges, I just put them into the little storage containers and tuck them away in a drawer.

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Stampin Mindy said...

Thank you for the ideas, You've just inspired me so I'm off to clean out an area lol Thanks again!

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