Sour Cream Pouches.... in Vellum!

So I've made sour cream boxes before and they are so easy and cute! I love ripping them open to see what's inside when I get them from someone. Here are a few of the sour cream boxes made in vellum, and they are just slightly see-through so you can get a glimpse of the goods inside. Both of these were given to me in swaps... so I hope that the creators don't mind me posting their works.... On another note.... I write my final exam today and I'm hoping to have some "Made by Alesha" crafts done for tomorrow or Monday. I can't move my neck at the moment, (it's hard crafting when you can't turn)... so I am looking at some very simple creations. So if you're looking for something quite and cute.... check back tomorrow!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Very cute! I make these all the time but have never done them with vellum. I am going to try that.

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