Adding bling to your brads... a tutorial

When you just want a little sparkle on your hardware, this is a quick and easy way to add in some bling. This is a fun way to add more sparkle to your creations and although I had a mess making the tutorial, there's some tips in here to help it go smoothly for you! The supplies that you will need for this are:

~Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder
~Hardware (for this, I used brads however you can also do this to any of our Hodgepodge pieces as well)
~Heat gun

Step #1 - You want to grab your hardware with the tongs. Heat up the hardware for 30 seconds. You can also tweezers to hold the hardware, however I prefer the tongs as they do the squeezing for you. Once the hardware has been heated up.

As a tip - make sure that you angle the flow of the heatgun away from the Embossing powder or you'll have a huge mess.

Step #2 - While the hardware is hot, dip it into the Embossing Powder. It will come out half-melted which is fine. Just reheat it (away from the jar of powder ~ notice how I keep saying that? Lets just say that I have one glittery craft desk.) Even the best of as have those moments.

Notice here how I've dipped the brad and tweezers together into the powder? I'm showing this as something to avoid. Dip the hardware only if possible for when you heat you'll give yourself bling tongs as well.

Step #3 - Once you've re-heated the powder, your hardware should have a nice glimmer to it. You can re-dip and re-heat a few times to build up the bling.

Step #4 - Once the hardware has cooled down you can then add it into your project. Here I've attached it to a small black ¾" circle.

For the finished project I used this as the centre to a beautiful coral flower made with the new Pick A Petal stamp set. Click on the card to see a larger view.


Becca said...

oh thats super sute Alesha! I can't wait to get my pre-order I hope its today I wanna play with my new stuff!

Cindy Vernon said...

Very nice tutorial. Consider yourself tagged. Please visit my website at for directions on how to play!

KIMBERLY said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I may have to give it a whirl. Just found your blog through a comment you left at Melanie's Madness. I will defifnitely be back often.

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