Answers to questions this week.....

Here's a few answers to some questions that I received this week:

Where do you get the little white note cubes that you used in the "happy" book tutorial? I get them from Denise hooked me up with this little deal. Now, I buy the "imperfect" cubes... and honestly you can't tell they're not perfect.

I can't tie ribbons and bows on my cards. Got any tips? Yep - I am going to be posting a tutorial about this today or tomorrow. I finally got a hand model and have some great pictures to make it really easy!

I want to seal my wood on my stamps to protect the wood from ink... however they're already mounted. What can I do? There's an easy solution. First, protect the rubber and foam by wrapping it in tin foil. Next, use clear nail polish and paint all over the wood. One coat will do ya. If you're doing a lot of stamps, make sure the area is well ventilated.

I got the "mat pack" and didn't realize that it didn't come with the poker, where can I get the poker? Honestly, use a corsage pin. It's going to give you the same effect, and will be easy to hold. The poker is only available in the large crafters' tool kit at the moment.

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