I've been tagged by Cindy... The rules are that I need to post 7 random facts about myself, tag 7 other people, and post the rules. I also need to let the 7 people know that I've tagged them in a comment on their blog.

My 7 random facts:
1. I am craving strawberries and ice cream badly these days. It's the 23 week mark now of my pregnancy and I am just starting to get some seriously deadly cravings. Last night Jamie felt the baby move for the first time which was seriously exciting and his face was hilarious - a combo of "oh ~ that was gross" and "holy crap!!!!".

2. I am excited that Jamie and I are going to be going on so many day trips this summer - can't wait to get out on the road.

3. I will finally be finished my degree in December - I've been going part time to University for a lifetime and I can't wait until it's finally over.

4. I haven't danced since the day of my wedding. With my neck injury, I don't want to chance anything as sometimes any sudden (or just any random) movement can make it spasm. I seriously really miss dancing and hope one day that I can again.

5. I still have not received my demo catalogue or any of my customers catalogues yet. I stalk the postman daily and he must think that I'm loony. I've even called the post office. It's slowly driving me crazy with anticipation.

6. Gardening has become a really fun hobby for me to do during the day. I find it relaxing. It's nice and slow paced (and I get Jamie to do my shoveling)

7. I'm going camping in two weeks with a bunch of people from my Search & Rescue team. I haven't been camping since my accident, and I'm sick of putting my life on hold. I'm bringing an air mattress and my special pillow, but I can't wait to get out there. I really miss being an active member of the team as I had to stop searching a long time ago, and can't wait to see the team again.

So now, it's my job to tag 7 other bloggers. So for this, I'm tagging: Roxy, Bonnie, Tracey, Becca, Melanie, Bunny, and Jen.

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