Answers to questions this week....

Do you have any tips for putting together a heritage album of family birthdays/weddings?
I've done about 3 of these albums and I find that the best thing, is to stick to a very muted colour palette, one alphabet set, and maybe coordinating designer paper. Because some of the 80's weddings were a little "out there" with colour themes - I just reprinted all of the pictures in the whole album in Black & White and it really tied it in well together. With the pictures all coordinating, the album really came out well.

Which camera do you use to take your pictures?
For years I swore that I would never go digital; however a few months ago my hubby gave me a Canon Rebel xti digital SLR. It is the mother of all cameras. It's quite user friendly and the different settings are exactly what I was looking for. Quite honestly any camera should work for you if you know how to take a good shot. I highly recommend taking a beginners photography course; I did years ago and it has paid off!

My ink spots are getting dry - I just got them in the Spring!
It's quite odd that they would dry out so quickly. If you got them from me, pop over and I'll re-ink them. However, in the meantime - are you storing them upside down? You should be. That's what keeps the pads juicy. So flip 'em over if your storing them right-side up.

*Added tip - also store your markers on their sides, so one of the tips doesn't dry out.

Where are the spools of silver cord in the catalogue?
Well, some nut thought that they didn't sell well and discontinued them (can you tell that's a sore spot?). So they're not in the catalogue and no longer available. I do know that in the new Holiday Mini that comes out in September that there will be silver stretchy cord (like you wrap presents with).

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Colleen said...

I have a Question. As the event that soon takes place revolving around Christmas cards. Could the demonstrators please include the directions for the cards. The scrapmats are wonderful that they're included for scrapbooking.I really enjoy card making and I really want my Cards to look great.


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