Tutorial: How to make Cobweb edging detail

Here's how I made the cobweb details on the "Spooktacular" scrapbook layout. This is a great way to add interest to plain cardstock and really tie in the Halloween theme.

First: I wheeled my image onto the bottom of the cardstock. This piece is 3¼x4". I wheeled the image along the bottom of the cardstock. By doing this, I will have a perfect 3x3" square that I can put a photo into. I like to keep the measurements easy so when I'm adding in a photo afterwards, I don't have to re-measure.

Second: I dabbed a stamping sponge directly onto my black ink pad. I sponged all of the edges of the cardstock to distress the edges. I find that if the edges are slightly distressed that the cobwebs don't stick out too much.

Third: This is where we add in the actual cobwebs. Place down 2-3 pieces of scrap paper, then flip your ink pad upside down. You will want to take note of where the edge of the ink pad is as you use the edge to make the cobweb. Lightly tap the edge of the ink pad onto the cardstock. Don't press too hard or it will be too bold. You will want to rotate the ink pad around the edges of the cardstock, tapping as you go, to make a cobweb pattern. It's important that you don't drag the ink pad as you rotate to do this technique.

1 comment:

Ali Manning said...

that cobweb technique is so cute. I can't wait to try it on a page. Thanks.

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