Tutorial: How to apply rub-ons to CD Tins

I just cracked open my new package of Stampin' Up Rub-ons. This package is called "Eastern Elegance" and comes with a sheet of black and a sheet of white rub-ons. The background sheet is from the "Bali Breeze" Designer Series Collection, it's just for show and to brighten up the tutorial.

First you will need your supplies. I got the business card size CD tin from Effectuality. I also have my Stampin' Up Rub-ons and my scissors. The Rub-ons come with a wooden stick that you use to transfer the image. If you lose it just use a Popsicle stick. Cut out the image that you want to rub from the sheet.

Next... there are two layers to the rub-on image. Separate these layers and discard the bottom piece.

Place the rub-on image onto the tin where you want the image to appear. It is easily moveable so if you don't get the correct spot right away you can adjust it.

Use the wooden applicator to rub all over the image. You will want to rub the image and the surrounding protective film as well. This film ensures that once the image transfers it will not easily be smeared/removed. When you're rubbing the image you'll see that when it transfers on to the tin it will become lighter gray. It's actually quite easy to see what has transferred and what hasn't.

Next peel off the sheet that the image was once located on. I typically do this slowly and peer under the sheet to ensure that it has actually transferred. I haven't had Stampin' Up's rub-ons transfer poorly, but I have with other brands... so I double-check just to be sure. If ever a rub-on does transfer unsuccessfully, just put it back on and rub some more. Most of the time that will fix it.

This is the finished project below. I just topped it off with some of the Taffeta Ribbon. It's actually quite sharp. I am going to make a whole bunch of these for Valentine's Day.


Jules said...

Good job on the tutorial. :) Julie

Anonymous said...

Great explanation!!! I wouldn't have done the rub-ons correctly if not for this tutorial. Rub-ons also look cute on stainless steel frames.

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