Whew.... It is done!!! Wanna know how to make your own Craft Counter?

I am so excited - I finally have my counter top installed in my stamping studio. It is so nice to have so much space to work with. I am gonna get scrappin tomorrow!Here is how we did it:
  • one 10ft counter top, uncut. We got it at the Habitat Re-Store for a fraction of the price of a new counter top. Yes, it has a scratch in it... it is little and in an area that I will not be working at often.
  • One 2x4 that was also 10ft long. We screwed it to the wall. This is what the back of the counter top sits on.
  • Four 2x2 pieces of MDF. We used a jigsaw to cut them to a shape that would work well so I would not hit my knees on them.
  • Four pieces of 1x2 that we mounted to the wall vertically. We used these as posts along the backside of the wall.
The MDF was screwed into the posts that were vertical on the wall. The MDF also has "no nail" adhesive on the top to stick to the counter top. It took a few days to get up, but it was well worth the wait!

Next I installed the curtain rods to hold my punches.... then I realized that I have way too many punches!

Finally we mounted my two ink pad holders onto the wall. These are fabulous! I got them from MyCraftSolutions for $35 each and they hold 70 ink pads each.


Debbie Yates said...

Very nice...your organization ideas are great! I wish I had the space for a long countertop..I work off a 5' table in the center of my room! The curtain road is a great idea - I may be able to work that one in...TFS - God bless-

Lorie said...

That looks great! I assume the baby monitor in the top picture is optional? LOL!

Colleen said...

I am so jealous! I am going to have to borrow the curtain rod idea. I love punches. Congrats!

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