Way back then....

Why did I get into card making? Someone asked me that a few days ago and the answer was easy - I wanted a bigger creative outlet. I've always been creative but it was always on a more private and "unsocial" manner. I was a mad cross-stitcher. I made my own jewelery. I dabbled in paper tole with my Mom. But I was missing the social crafting aspect. Years ago, I was actually considering taking up knitting because the whole "stitch and bitch" gathering had really taken off with a bunch of my co-workers.

It was about that time that I discovered card-making home workshops and I just loved the whole experience. I loved getting together at new friend's kitchen tables and creating together. Also, I wanted to be able to give that classy, personalized hand-crafted card to someone that did something special for me. Most of all, I wanted to make a hard-to-find wedding invitation that would have cost me a freaking fortune if I bought it. I have always scrapbooked. It is definitely the longest hobby that I've ever had, and one of the few things that I can't picture not being in my life. I've always told people that I've scrapped since before it was cool to scrap. I remember scrapping a family trip to Florida before I could drive, which was 16 years ago. Scrapbooking is just part of me.

So that's why I got into card making. It was something familiar to me because it was so much like my scrapbooking. It was, and is, very social for me. I've met so many fabulous friends through this wonderful craft and I am very thankful for their friendships. And it's just so classy to break out my gear and make a card from scratch to mesh with someone's personality, and then to write them a hand-written note inside of it. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE mailing a hand-stamped envelope.

Since I'm sharing all about why I got into card making, I thought that I would also share some of the first few cards that I made. I am very proud of these first cards. The pink one I made for my bridal shower thank-you's back in 2005. I remember how proud I was that I had found square brads on that card. It's a wonderful hobby and I'm so happy with where it's taken me in life.

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