Answers to Questions this week....

What do you use to clean your stamp-a-ma-jig sheets? Mine is stained from using stazon.

There's a few things that you can try. The stazon cleaner would be my first suggestion. You can also use nail polish remover on the sheets as long as it's acetone-free. You can toss it in water & bleach as well.

As a tip - I never actually stamp in black/stazon on my imaging sheet. I always stamp in non-permanent ink onto the imaging sheet. This will give me the guide that I want. Then I'll ink up with my permanent ink, use the guide, and stamp my image. This way you never have to worry about getting stubborn stains off the imaging sheets.

I bought a non-SU border punch, similar to the scallop edge. It doesn't punch through thicker SU cardstock well. What is the weight of the SU cardstock?

Practically all of the SU card stock is 80#. It's not the card stock that is causing the issue. It's the punch. Toss it in the freezer for 10 minutes then punch the paper. It should work fine. Sometimes when the metal design on the punch is more intricate (with some other edge punches I've seen) you have to get the metal to contract to punch properly and freezing it should do the trick.

When is your next BYOP night?
It's tentatively scheduled for September 26th which is a Friday. I just have to check with the man of the house to see if he's taking me out on a hot date.

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