Answers to Questions this week....

What the heck do you use the Adhesive remover for?
I thought the same thing until I got it. You can use it to erase little extra sticky bits on your projects. It will remove glue, tape and anything else sticky. You can use it to remove the sticky edges around anything that you run through a Xyron sticker maker - this was a lifesaver when I got my cricut. Also - you know when jeans have the big strip of "tape" that has the size on it that is taped onto your jeans? Well, whenever I remove it I swear that it always leaves a sticky goo left on my denim - just use your adhesive remover and it will get rid of that too. (Yeah, I used it for non-scrapping purposes).

Are you going to be selling your Christmas Card packs again this year?
Yep. Same price as last year. I'll cut and stamp everything, you assemble them. $12 cards for $25 which includes your adhesive as well. I'll post on that in a few days with samples.

How did Rachel's x-rays go?
They went well. For those that don't know, Rachel is very flexible and our doctor wants to see if she actually has issues with her hips. She can do the splits and also bend in half - a ballerina in the making??, but she is still not crawling at 11 months. I guess that some c-sec babies have hip issues and he wants to rule it out. So we did the x-rays on Thursday (quick, painless) and hope to get the results back this week.

What is the finished size of the petal card that you make with the Big Shot?
I believe that the finished card will fit perfectly in a 3x3 envelope. I'll be getting this die on Wednesday so I'll whip one up and measure it just to make sure.

My aquapainter leaks like crazy - what can I do?
Um, empty it. You only need the tip to be damp for it to work anyways. I never fill mine - I just dip them in a little water then use them. If they are dripping wet then your artwork will be to.

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