Tutorial: Scallop Square photo corners

This is a quick tutorial on how to make the little scallop edge photo corners on yesterday's bridal shower layout.

First, use the 1/2" square punch. Punch a square out of your card stock. I find that this size of square works well. You can also use the really small 1/4" square punch as well.

Next, take your scallop square punch and center the regular square inside the scallop square. You will have to face the punch towards you to do this. Punch it out.

This is the little image that you should have made - it looks like a scallop edge square frame. You'll see that I'm holding up the frame with my paper snips. You want to clip two opposite corners.
This is the finished scallop edge photo corner. If you want to see the layout that I used them on, please click here.

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