Health Canada Product Recall

One of my customers just sent me this link to Health Canada's list of recalled goods. If you have bought any of these scrapbook embellishments from Dollarama - please dispose of these. I myself have some of these that I bought at the dollar store from Argyle Mall.

This is the full article on this recalled item.

More info from the website:

"Testing by Health Canada revealed that the disks contain very high levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects. Anyone swallowing one of the disks is at high risk of severe, or even fatal lead poisoning."


Tracy said...

I don't have these discs but have other products with that logo.. are all of their items being checked? should we toss all of that product brand away??

Alesha said...

Hi Tracy,

I have no idea if it's all of the products with that brand or not. I would check out the article if you have questions - there's a phone # in the article that we can call.


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