10 Lessons every scrapbooker should know

Notes from Creating Keepsakes Article by Ali Edwards – April 2008

1. There’s no “right” way to scrapbook: Scrapbooking is a creative expression of your memories – the personal documentation of you and your family’s life experience. They are your memories – you get to choose how to create with them.

2. Print your photos: Digital photography has changed scrapbooking – and the way we take photos. Find a system that works with your photos.

3. Don’t buy everything in site: Take time to assess what you really need to makes the pages you love. As you scrapbook each page, use your supplies to emphasize the two most important aspects: Words + Photos.

4. Schedule time to create: Literally make time to scrapbook – add it to your schedule or book time with friends.

5. Don’t think you have to scrapbook in chronological order: Record the stories that inspire you most whether it happened yesterday or 10 years ago. Stop worrying about being “caught up”. There will always be another story to tell.

6. Use your handwriting: It’s a part of you regardless of what you think about it, your family will love that they have this when you’re gone.

7. Don’t forget the date: It is an important part of documenting your story!

8: Become a translator: A translator is someone who can look beyond the page theme from other layout ideas, and see the cool design or accent and be able to adopt that for his or her own layouts.

9. Learn by doing: Take ideas you see and run with them – make them your own and enjoy the process!

10. Get yourself on your pages: Hand your camera over to your spouse, partner, friend or kids and make sure that you are present and represented in the story of your family.

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ScrappyHappy said...

The last one is very true! I never have pic of me in my album. Thanks for the top ten list! Hope you're feeling better soon!

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