Stampin Up is coming to LONDON!!! This March!

Every spring Stampin' Up does a massive regional training seminar with hundreds and hundreds of demonstrators. It is truly the most fun event that I've ever been to - the coolest things in the world are shown off there!

The COOLEST thing is that they're doing the training in London, Ontario this year! Seriously - my home town! I am so fricking excited that I can't contain myself!

The event is going to be held at the London Convention Centre on Saturday March 14th, all day. Save that date! For my out of town downline - you are absolutely welcome to crash at my place.

If you are a demo, you can register for the event starting on January 21st. Americans can start registering for this even on Jan 23rd.

I am really really thinking about organizing a Pre-Party on the Friday night. Is anyone up for Dinner & Yuk Yuk's on the Friday night before hand? How fun & awesome would that be?

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kristine said...

that would be very cool Alesha, love the idea. Very glad it wasn't on the weekend of my stag and doe, lol. I'd have to cancel it. lol.

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