The Big London Demonstrator Meeting last week...Presentation 1

I would love to share with you some of the wonderful projects that were demonstrated to me at the last Demonstrator Meeting in London. The meeting was last week and was a huge inspiration for me to step out of the box and get going on some bigger projects. At the demonstrator meeting there are normally 7 or 8 demos who will show everyone else how to make something fab. I wasn't able to present this time just because of an exam the next morning. This is a set of 4 milk cartons in a holder that my girlfriend Chris made - how adorable is this, eh? The one below is made with the set "love you much" from the Promo last month. I can't get over how cute these would be for a shower. Check back each day - I'm going to post a different project daily that we made at the meeting - they are awesome!

Thanks to all of my girlfriends who have emailed me about Rachel. She has had a very high fever for 5 days and just was no herself. We've been up to Emerg twice in two days and the nice doctor (the 2nd one) said that she has a horrible throat infection. How the 1st doctor missed this baffles me, but we have her on meds and she's already starting to be herself again. We're hoping that it clears up soon. She's still got a fever, but at least she's starting to eat and drink again which is such a good thing for a little thing like her.


Jane G said...

So glad to hear Rachel is doing much better - poor little girl!

9kids said...

Sure hope Rachel improves quickly ~ now that she's finally got the right diagnosis; how frustrating!!

Do you have a link or a tutorial how to make those milk cartons ~ would love to do this one for V-day :)

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