Oh My Word! What a wonderful day! The London Regional SU Seminar part1!

Here's a story about my fun and fabulous day! It started out at 7:30am - Lynn, Kristine and I hopped in the car and headed to the convention centre. As soon as we got there the place was jam packed of demonstrators who were registering, chatting, hugging, swapping.... seeing old friends and meeting new ones. What a wonderful start to the day!

I soon met up with everyone in the dirty dozen - the ladies that I went with. In the photo from left to right (above) we are Lin, Caitlyn, Chriss, Linda, Marg, Lynn, Jazz, Me, Danielle, Kristine, Tracy and Cheryl. What a fun group of ladies to spend the day with. I am so addicted to this stamping thing and I think that they got a little taste today as to why I am so addicted - I just love the ideas, the inspiration and the energy!

Early on in the day, I got to meet Caroline - the Caroline. She's got a great blog that I follow and it was so cool to hook up with her - and she's really nice too! And holy crow - she knew who I was. The day started off wonderful with great presentations on watercolouring, chipboard uses, the circle scissors demonstration and I can't even remember the other stuff... but WOW is it so inspiring and rejuvenating to be there!

We had a little intermission where we got to stamp and scrapbook. Stampin' Up had a whole bunch of packages made up for us, they brought us a bunch of supplies to make them, and even had step-by-step directions on how to do everything - wonderful! Stampin' Up had well over 30 Big Shots set up for our projects - it was so funny to see the wall of bums at the table:
Okay - so that's a recap of the start of our day. I'll fill you in on the rest tomorrow.

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