Quilting and the Big Shot.... my jaw hit the floor!

At every regional seminar that I've been to, there's always something that I think is just so fabulous - but nothing has ever gave me that spine tingling "butterfly" OH MY WORD moment before. Cue Linda Hansen - she always dazzles me every single time that I see her present and if she put on a one-woman crafting show I would be in the front seat.

So she was doing her presentation on the different things that you could cut with the Big Shot. They had the camera focused on a T-shirt, but behind the t-shirt on the table and a little out of focus I saw a quilt. That was when my jaw hit the floor. My Mom, as I've mentioned way too many times before on my blog, is a quilter. I love the dozens of quilts that she's made for me, for Jamie and most of all for Rachel. The day Rachel was born, I wrapped her in the first quilt that my mother ever made. It's a special craft and one that is very dear to my heart.

So I saw the quilt on Linda's table. But she hadn't started talking about it. I just about screamed to Kristine, who could tell from across the table how excited I was. The quilt was just the most beautiful piece of work... and if you take a closer look you'll see that all of the appliqué flowers were cut out with the Big Shot. Damn - how smart is that? How did I not think of that before.

The flowers on this quilt were cut out using the Big Shot's "flower" clear die shown on page 195 of the catalogue. The flowers are chenille - I had no idea that it would cut through chenille. So as soon as I got home from Regionals I put down my bags, gave Rachel a few kisses and called my Mom. We have a date to go to Fabricland this week to get some fabric. Check back in a few weeks to see what we whip up - I guarantee that you'll love it.  Editted to add: to see all of the Fabric projects we've made with the Big shot please click here.
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