Regional Seminar Samples: circle books

One of the WOW presentations at the London Regional Seminar was how to make these circular journals. I have to admit - the poker paper looks fabulous with this WOW technique. Just like a whole ton of poker chips!

To do this booklet, you would need a whole ton of circle punches or the circle scissors plus. I just got the circle scissors plus on Friday and it's one heck of a cool tool - it really is pretty easy to use. It doesn't at all require "force" to make it swivel or cut which is nice, because I thought that it would be difficult to use just by looking at it. I've already written Stampin' Up to see if they will be getting an OVAL scissors plus - wouldn't that be fabulous? If you think that's a good idea please write to them for me as well.

So I love the circle scissors plus so much that I'm going to give one as a gift to anyone who wants to sign up to be a demonstrator with Stampin Up through me from today until the end of the month. Yeah!

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