What a night! Winner announced.....

Winner of the LondonMoms.ca contest announced below! Jamie is an expert at drawing names out of a basket, however in order to draw the contest winner he had to be home. He left yesterday at 7am to go to Woodstock. We are both members of the London Search and Rescue team. He was gone for 14 hours... and when he got home he was pooped and filthy. So after a quick shower, lots of aftersun (he is SO burned) and a tube of myoflex, I convinced him that drawing a name would make him feel good. Poor thing, he was so tired. So he drew out comment #6 and then took off to bed. I don't think that I've seen him so drained, I am so proud of him.

Here's the winner of contest #1:

"Mandi (Satin_Thoughts) said... Hi there!

I have *just* started getting in to Stampin' Up - and I'm really enjoying it! I've been checking out your blog, which I heard about at Londonmoms, because like I said, I have only just started to get involved and I needed help LoL I did a card workshop a couple weekends ago and I'm addicted!"

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