Our trip to Toronto.... the Creative Festival!

On Sunday I travelled to TO with my Mom and girlfriends Dani and Caitlyn. Trish went up on Saturday and Nancy went up on Friday. We went to the Creative Festival at the International Centre. My Mom is a sewer and quilter and we're all into scrapping and stamping so it was a great venue for both hobbies. Can I tell you that this was SO much better than the London Craft Show? It was an actual show that focussed on CRAFTS! I think that the London Craft show is nice, but there is nothing hands-on which I think is really lacking. Yeah, I sent them a suggestion about this and offered to do the classes, but no one ever got back to me. Boo!

There were all of the major sewing machine vendors there and they had ALL of their models of machines set up so you could try out every single machine & tool. They had free classes that you could attend, great sales, and amazing samples. My Mom was in heaven.

Dani, Cait and I went stamping. Man, there were some beautiful stamps there. We popped by Caroline's booth (fab demo from TO) which was hopping with excitment. The people there loved that the Big shot could be used for papercrafts AND sewing crafts. We went to a few of the free classes and they were great. We made two adorable cards with Caroline and we made a great journal with Lara who is a designer for Canadian Scrapbooker. We even got a complimentary copy of her magazine - yeah! The projects were great - definitely worth going. I am very glad that we all packed a lunch because the prices for food were horrible ($3 for OJ). Why spend money on food when I'd rather spend money on crafts? I'll show off the projects tomorrow. My battery is dead on my camera, so it will have to charge for a few minutes.

The Great NEWS!
This fall we're all going back to the Creative Festival. The show in the Fall is always bigger than the one in the Spring. We are hoping to get enough interest from London & Area to get a HUGE group to go together. If we can than we'll get a special discounted group rate. If you're interested in going, please let me know by either posting a comment on this thread or by contacting me through this link (please give me your name and phone # so I can call you about this Mid-August).


Cindy Piggott said...

Keep me posted on this, my team might be interested in this depending on the date and cost and stuff?

Anonymous said...

keep me posted too. sounds like a ton of fun!!

Brittany said...

Hey, you can tell Danielle to let me know more about it towards the date :)

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