Answers to Questions this week....

It's been ages since I've posted answers to questions that I get (or come across). Here's a few:

Is it possible to use a rolling pin instead of the Big Shot?
  • For dies including sizzlits, embosslits, originals, Bigz and clear, this doesn't work. Another Demo, Jackie, verified this.
  • For the embossing folders it works fine as long as you're rolling on a very hard table and putting a good amount of pressure down.
Why are there two prices on Stampin' Up's online store?
  • When you go to the store at and you don't have a demonstrator selected, you will see two prices. The cheaper of the two prices will be charged if you choose a demonstrator by typing in their name (spell it Alesha Walls, LOL). If you don't choose a demonstrator at all you will be charged the more expensive price. This can be avoided completely if you stop going to and go to a demonstrators website directly such as to place your orders. I pay about $16 a month so you have the ability to order directly through me online 24/7 and I send out beautiful cards to you whenever you place an order. My class lists and promotions are also on that site.
Are your designer paper rings available yet?
  • Almost. My paper is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, so I can start shipping them out first thing Saturday morning. I had to wait until I could get the new papers from the catalogue ordered and I can't wait for that UPS guy to pull up! Yeah for Mr. Brown! Shown here is a close-up of the "Jackpot" Designer Series Papers. The cost for one ring of all DSP's is $49.
My white gel pen doesn't work. What happened?
  • Mine too, actually. You really have to keep the lid on it shut tightly or the tip will die. I tried heating it, running it under water, smushing it, tapping it and nothing made it work again. My customer, Jodi, got hers working again by sucking on the tip but by the time she had told me about it I had tossed mine. So - suck it and see if it works.
I've got speckles everywhere when I emboss. Why?
  • Static will cause little bits of embossing powder to stick on your project when you emboss. Sometimes you won't see these until you are heating the project and by then it's too late to get rid of it. You can use an embossing buddy which has an anti-static dust in it that works fabulous. A cheaper, but not as great, product to use is a used dryer sheet. Just rub it over your project before you apply versaMark or Heat & Stick powder.
What colour compliments Sage Shadow?
  • My favourite would be Handsome Hunter. They were meant for each other.

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