Don't you miss the warm weather?

I sure do! It seems like we had a week of NICE summer, and then it was Autumn. Now, Autum is my favourite time of the year - but I am definitely a four-seasons kind of girl and I really actually missed the hotness of summer.

Rachel misses it as well. In the summer we took her to the splashpad that's on our street - she was in LOVE with it - wanted to go there every day! But now, whenever we drive by she will yell at the splashpad "turn the water on!". Poor thing.

I was playing around with the My Digital Studio software and used it to create another scrapbook page. This is one of the days we were at the splashpad and it was so much fun - this was the first day that she didn't just stand at the edge and stomp in the puddles - she went into the water! It was so much fun to see her exploring the water and LOVING IT! So I'm still learning the MDS software, and playing around with the layering, the ways I can customize the colours and opacity, and generally I'm liking the software. I should have more time to sit down and play later this month. I just finished a midterm on Thursday and I have another one in three weeks. Can't wait for that to be over!

This afternoon I am having a bunch of my girlfriends from LondonMoms come over to stamp. I can't wait to see them again - maybe they can give me some tips on how to get Rachel to stay IN her bed.

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Jazz Monast said...

I love your layout!! I can't wait to have my own MDS. I am looking forward to play around and do some scrapbooking. I am not one right now but I sure would like ot explore that avenue. Rachal looks like she's having so much fun!!!. I miss summer too. Where did the summer go???

Good luck with your mid-terms and your "make'n take" project for school ;)

Take care


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