Great Gift bags - for Halloween and Christmas

Lisa D made this Halloween Bag as a swap for the 3D demo swap in London and I got one!!! This is going to be Rachel's trick-or-treating bag for when we go trekking around the neighbourhood. I can't get over the detail that she put into making these bags. After assembling ONE of the Build-a-Bears I know how much time goes into cutting and assembling them, so I can imagine the time that it took to make a dozen of these. How lovely though! I haven't shown it to Rachel yet - she may not treat it so nicely, but it will fit all of "her" treats in the bag well. Lisa used the Pumpkin patch stamp set to make the pumpkins that the bear is standing near - cute cute cute!

Below, is another Gift bag, very similar but in a Christmas theme instead. I love the bright green bag and how well the Stampin' UP colours match it!

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