Great weekend for a party!

This past weekend we had Rachel's 2nd birthday party! She had such a fun time. Rachel discovered how fun balloons were - she calls them "bamoons". We had streamers and balloons stuck all over the ceiling and she thought that was just awesome.

She was spoiled with lots of hugs and kisses from her three cousins! She just loves having them over. Jamie's sister, Melanie, was over with her hubby Jason and his parents surprised us by coming as well - a nice surprise.

Rachel had a great time playing "peekaboo" with her Grandma. My Aunt Tanya made Rachel the most amazing 3D cake - I'll post some photos of that soon. It was great.

After cake, we opened up all of her presents. I can't believe the amount of things that she received - such beautiful clothes, fun toys, and great things! We bought her a play kitchen and a play laundry centre - and she wanted to make us bacon and eggs! She loves to eat bacon and eggs and it's so adorable that she wanted to make it for us.

She got two more Care Bears, a tigger, some puzzles, a few baby dolls, a Dora Doll, a Mrs. Potato head, books, and a massive massive huge amount of clothes. There's no way that they're going to fit in her closet. But wow - is she ever going to look sharp! We also got her 2yr portrait taken and I can't wait to go to the Superstore to pick them up!

This layout was made with the new MDS digital software. I created the left side, then I used a feature to "insert duplicate mirror image" to do the layout for the right side - it literally copied what I had done in about 1 second. All I had to do was change the photos - how seriously easy is that?

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