I just love Caitlyn's cherry box! Loretta's too!

Doesn't Caitlyn have a nice box? Ha Ha! I love how retro this looks! This is another picnic box - minus the scallop edge details. Caitlyn used the "rockabilly" designer series paper, some real red paper, and some Real Red polka-dotted gingham ribbon. We attached the handle with some brads.

The thing that I really like about this is the inside of the box - the black polkadot. Man, I hate it when really nice designer paper becomes unavailable. Well, glad I stocked up. I know that the girls really loved making these. This is such an easy thing to show off at their workshops, and it's a really quick and easy box to whip up and put a little gift in it. I think that I will make a bunch of Christmas boxes and fill them with peanut brittle. I just have to figure out how to make the stuff - please see below (I wish I could bake).

This is Loretta's box (below) that was done in Chocolate Chip prints designer series papers, Chocolate chip card stock and chocolate chip ribbon. Of course, you'd have to put Chocolate in here! I don't know why but I would want to fill it with chipits. I love just eating those out of the bag - everyone knows that I can't bake so I don't even know why I buy them.

Okay - here's my plea - if anyone knows how to make those little chocolate rum balls covered in fancy sprinkles - could you email me a recipe? Keep in mind - I like things simple and I am retarded when it comes to baking/candy thermometers and such things. But I would really love and appreciate an easy recipe for this. I have heard that you can freeze them which I would like to do, then thaw them for December. I have always been jealous of ladies that could bake fabulous things on the Holidays so I want to work up to that. That, or I would really love to learn how to make mint fudge. It's Jamie's favourite and I would love to surprise him with it. So anyways, that's my plea...

Loretta's box, and all of the boxes were made with one single sheet of double-sided designer series paper that was scored then folded. No cutting was needed, so it's seriously easy to duplicate. Here's the pattern. Basically, take a square and score it like a tictactoe board, then score angles on the outer corners. Fold it all up so the corners meet (shown here on Loretta's box). Punch a hole through all of the corners and tie them with a ribbon. Fasten a handle and you're good to go. Wouldn't this be great for easter?

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