Making a pin cushion fancier!

Here's my fancy pin cushion that I prettied up with some Stampin' Up ribbon, buttons and felt die cuts. Don't you love it? If you're a sewing lady - like my mom - it's always nice to have a few of these in the sewing room.

Here is how we made it. First, we have a 4x4 stuffed square fabric. I Made sure that it was a little over stuffed so it would puff up nicely. Then I cut my ribbon, tied it around the cushion and fastened it with a very tight secure knot. If you don't knot it, it will unravel later. The ribbon that I used is Red Gingham by Stampin' Up. Leave yourself a good amount of "extra" ribbon after you tie it.

The pin cushion was also something that I gave to the other demonstrators who presented along with me at the Razzle Dazzle extravaganza in August. We have another Huge Demo meeting this upcoming Monday and I can't wait for it! There will be about 50 of us there and I am going to try my best to WIN the MDS software!

Once you've tied the knot, you will want to use some felt or other fabric and die cut some flowers. I used white and black felt since I thought it would look perfect with the fabric I used on the cushion. I die cut the felt using the Flower Layers #3 die and the Big shot machine. The big shot cut through the felt like butter! (Please do not put butter in the big shot). Insert the ribbon through the hole in the die cut flowers

Next you will want to insert a button on top of the flowers. I did this just because I needed something to hold the felt in place, and I needed it to be Big and Flat. I had to have something to tie the ribbon through - so the button worked out perfectly.

After you have everything layered, just tie the ribbon on top of the button and it will secure everything perfectly. This is the finished product - just trim off the excess ribbon and you're done!!

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