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I can't even begin to explain how excited Rachel was when the Backyardigans came on stage and started to sing. We had front row balcony seating at Centennial hall and she was enthralled!

Even though the concert was right in the middle of nap-time she still clapped, sang and danced along with them - it was too cute for words to see her boogieing with the tunes! The costumes were fantastic and the voices were great. I was impressed with the show overall.

Towards the end of it, she started to get really tired, really hot and really irritated. Thankfully it ended just as she was about to have a little meltdown. We went for a walk downtown back to our car and she played in the leaves. It was a fun afternoon and a great way to celebrate her 2nd birthday. The concert was on Halloween afternoon.

This layout was created with the My Digital Studio scrapbooking software. Everything that I have used on this layout is "core" to the program - meaning that it comes with it.

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