Great Halloween 3D boxes for candies!

I participated in a Demo-only 3D swap in October and got a ton of fantastic Halloween boxes in it! My downline, Jazz, made the one on the left. It's adorable and was FULL of candy! Note: it's currently empty.

This other swap just ROCKED and I wish that I knew who made it! There was no name on it - so if you're out there - I love it and I'm copying it for next year! It's full of rockets which happen to be Jamie's all-time favourite candy. He doesn't know this yet - or it would be empty too!


Heather Ward said...

Hi Alesha,

Wow, what a surprise to come to your blog today & see the Halloween boxes I made for the demo meeting showcased here. I'm so glad that you liked them. If you have any questions on how to make, just contact me.
Thanks so much,
Heather Ward

Alesha Walls said...

Heather! That was you - I just love them! Do you have a template that I can borrow off you?

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