Scrapbooking some Vintage wedding photos.

When I was really little I used to love looking through old photo albums. I always thought that it was neat to see what my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Parents looked like when they were younger.

I think that of all of the photos that we have of my parents, my favourite one is of them at their wedding when they were cutting their cake. I love the look on my Dad's face and his crazy bow tie. I also love the look on my Mom's face - a little whimsical. I often wonder who I look like more.

I had scanned all of their wedding photos a few years ago because I wanted to use photoshop to re-touch them and restore the colour to them. All of my grandparents have passed away and it was lovely to see photos of when they were so young and happy. You can tell from these photos which ones I was successful at restoring and which ones are still a little yellowed. I still do plan to finish retouching the rest of them, but that project as been put far on the backburner for now.

When I was playing with the MDS software I came across a beautiful yellow soft floral background and I just thought that it would be perfect for my parent's wedding photos. I was able to make 4 layouts with it. If you click on the layouts you can see larger sizes. Now, the actual layout of the pages is not something that I designed. MDS comes with a bunch of pre-made layouts that have the photos positioned already and you just "drag-n-drop" photos into the layout, change the background and add layers and you're done. That's what I did with these.

If you check out the Backyardigan scrapbook pages from a few days ago, you'll see that these are the similar layouts. Yep - all just templates that I used. I love how easy it was and it was nice to get these photos into a layout, even if it is digital.

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