Blog post #1001 - wow! Baking Christmas Muffins

When I was young I absolutely loved to bake when I had the chance.  Baking was a rare thing for me when I was young - we just didn't do it often (or I didn't help).  I still can't bake anything to this day.  But.... I really wanted to try to break that and do some baking with Rachel.  We started off with something easy - Blueberry muffins.

She was so excited!  She wore her special Made-by-Nana butterfly apron and we went to town.  She was so excited about mixing and pouring and peeking into the oven window.  I loved every moment of it.  We are definitely going to do this more often.

PS - easy recipes needed please!  I'm feeling a little less sore today, so I think that we're going to venture into shortbread territory.  I never make them because my Mom always does, and always sends them home to us... but I think that I might attempt them.  We'll see.  We also have a play-doh octopus that is calling to us.  Who knows what we'll get up to!

Thanks for stopping by - Have a wonderful day! 

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