Christmas Crafting: Scrapbook layout - building a foam house

I'll start off by saying that Rachel really loved this little craft that we did together... and then I'll note that this was a frustrating and annoying project to do.

Rachel, Jamie and I put together this little foam house.  I thought that it would take a few minutes and be a quick and fun and not-too-messy project.  Really - it's just foam that locks together with a few parts to stick on.  Cue two hours, house walls collapsing, glitter everywhere and then we had to rebuild the thing when she went to bed because it fell apart.  Ugh.

She loved this little house so much that she would hug it and kiss it - and that made it all worthwhile.

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Sacha said...

We built that exact same house here and I have to agree that it was super annoying to build. I never did get it to look the way I wanted it to. Just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain :) Great layout though. Makes it look easy!

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