The Hyde Park Parade - Nov 27 2009

We missed going to the Big London Santa Claus Parade so we took Rachel to the smaller parade in Hyde Park which is a subdivision in North West London.  It was nice to be at a smaller and shorter parade because 45 minutes is just long enough for a toddler. We got there early enough to get front row seating and some hot chocolates.

We watched the old fashioned ambulances, the firefighters, and police drive by.  We saw marching bands, the cadets on parade and acapella singers go by.  There were people dressed as Lions for the Lions club and some fabulous floats too!

Our favourite thing that we saw was the miniature tow truck that had a license plate that said "little hooker" - at least there was something funny for the adults!  

We almost missed seeing Santa Claus though - the damn reporter from the London Free press looked at us then stood DIRECTLY right in front of us to get a photograph of Santa.  Pissed me right off - who does that to a two year old???  But, he finally moved and we caught a glimpse of him as we went by on his sled.  It was a wonderful little parade! The rest of the weekend Rachel talked about Santa, and the snowmen (nomen since she doesn't pronounce "s"'s well yet), and the reindeer and the train. 

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