I love the label on this layout! Plus a sneak peek....

I love the soft suede office label on this layout - so great to write in!  These are some more photos of Rachel's first trip to the park around the corner from our house - seems like ages ago.  She only liked the swing when Daddy was pushing her - if I was pushing her, she freaked out.  It was pretty funny.


Do you see these fab-u-lous new punches???  I am so excited that Stampin' Up is re-designing their punches to be slimmer and more precise.  There are TWO new edge punches for us, and they both have maching CORNER punches!  I am so excited about the corner punches.  The price of the punches remains the same, they are smaller so storage will be easier, and some of the punches will have multiple shapes per punch!  Do you love it? 

This evening I'm hosting a Christmas Dinner for 16.  We always have a big dinner with all of our friends each December, and I am really looking forward to it!  Everything is in the oven and the candied yams are in the crockpot!  Although not everyone can make it here for dinner, they are all coming afterwards which is going to be so fun!  We have a "cheesy games night" planned.  Last year we played Win, Lose or Draw - I can't wait to find out what games everyone brings over tonight!  I am a very competitive board game freak.  It still hasn't snowed here in London (other than a light dust that lasted 2 hours) so I've been having a hard time getting in "the spirit of Christmas"... but I think that the Christmas lights, a big turkey dinner and having a few dozen people over tonight will help with that!  Bring on the Cranberries!

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