Our visit to the Old Lady who lived in the shoe... & Overhauling the Studio

There's a fantastic place in London called Storybook Gardens - it's basically Fairy Tale heaven for kids with lots of little places like this one tucked into a park in West London.  We love going there and this was one of our trips in the summer.  Rachel loved the little shoe, and the little table and chairs that were inside.  She loved that it echoed inside as well.  It was a fun day.  I can't wait to go next summer.

Overhauling the Studio....
Jamie has been working so hard to overhaul the Scrapbooking Studio that I have downstairs... Why the overhaul?  Well... we have to make it smaller.  About 1/2 the size that it currently is.  I am sad about it - it means that I can't spread out as much as I've been used to, and that if I have classes here they will have to be limited in size now.  That's a bummer, for sure.  I have been spoiled having the whole room to myself.  But - change is good.  Jamie needs more room down there so we're reconfiguring it to fit in all of his stuff - If you've been down there before it is going to look SO DIFFERENT than before.  I'm excited about it - I do love organizing... specially when he's doing all of the heavy lifting! 

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