There are several things that I would change....

I was chatting with a few girlfriends the other night - we were having a hen party - and we got talking about what we would change about ourselves.  I would definitely change my level of baking ability.  I can't bake anything.  Although Connie's cookie recipe makes it look easy for me!

I think that I would also change my hair.  It's naturally curly, but I straighten it all of the time.  I wish that I could figure out how to style it wavy then I would leave it that way more often.  So those are some superficial things, and I won't share the deeper ones.

I absolutely love the lettering on this layout.  It's great to be able to change the sizing of the fonts to make the lettering more interesting.

Thanks for stopping by - Have a wonderful day!

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connie d said...

Hi, Alesha--

So I'm assuming your cookies were a hit? You're right...that recipe is an easy one. Have a great weekend!

Alesha Walls said...

Connie - we did try them and they were AWESOME! Thank you so much for the recipe - we'll be making these often!

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