Oh I love this! A great card for my Dad!

I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone who commented on my hubby's card yesterday.  I really love that he takes the time to make them for me.  He's a sweet man and I love him to bits.  He read all of the comments and was laughing at many of them.  It gave him quite the ego boost to continue to make cards for me... which I am very excited about!!  For those that didn't feel it was appropriate to post something like that - feel free to comment, but have the 'balls' to not post annonymously (pun intended) and know that I will delete any comments that I deem meanspirited or vulgar.  It would be just 'nuts' not too, ha ha!

I'm not sure when I'll send this, but I am so happy that I got a great card to give to my Dad when I need to.  Him and my Mom have been going through a rough patch - they're both home a LOT and they are starting to bug each other.

This card was made with the Vintage Vogue stamp set and the Well Scripted Stamp set with the colours Not Quite Navy (in full colour, and off-stamped), Sage Shadow and Bashful blue.  I never use Sage Shadow, and I think that I'll crack it out tonight.

I've got my dress and shoes ready for Jeff and Laraine's wedding on Saturday.  I have to figure out how to get my purse back from Rachel, she's repo'd it. I've never been to such an intimate wedding (35 guests) and we're so honoured to be invited.  They are such wonderful friends and we're honoured to share this day with them.  Can't wait for Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by - Have a wonderful day!

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Marion Dornan said...

You are cracking me up with your puns.

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