Whew - glad THAT week is over!

Whew - glad THAT week is over!  Yesterday I wrote an exam on Ancient Roman Paintings - I spent the last 8 days studying, reading, compiling notes and am very happy to report that it went *well*.  I'm a panicky person when it comes to exams and I never know whether or not I will do well when marks come around - so here's hoping that on Friday I have a good one coming this way.  The whole house has been plagued with the flu for the last 3 weeks, and we're all on the mend as well.  Hence, there's been a lack of posting.  Normally I have everything ready and scheduled to go, but I've been concentrating on my paintings.  So soon I'll have a whole new bunch of projects to show you, some great swaps that I've received and a few sneak peeks for my upcoming classes! 

Thanks for stopping by - Have a wonderful day!

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