Always Elegant Digital kit - these are 21 templates included in the kit

Always Elegant Digital Kit.  These are the 21 templates that come with the digital kit.  All I did to alter them was to drop in my own photographs - the rest was pre-made for me.  Don't you love just how easy that could be?  I had to show off my wedding photos.  It's so hard to believe that it's been almost 5 years since I was a bride.  Maybe I'll wear my tiara today!

Yes, page 2 and 18 has stamped letters "J and M" on it - something is a little wrong with the templates and it doesn't come with letters other than J or M.  I've called Demo Support about this and hopefully they will get that resolved very quickly.  At the moment, this is perfect if you have those initials.  For the rest of us, I'll update you when I hear back about the corrections.  I had to show off how elegant and amazing these templates were.  I think that I'm going to get these bound into a book - wouldn't that just be fantastic?!

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Jessica Ying said...

What a beautiful work you got there!!

Just started following. Mine is

Gail/basketballmom said...

Just remember to change the initials before you put them in the book! ;)

Great work Alesha!

Martha said...

HA HA HA! That works out for me since J is for Jeremy and M is for Martha. Yeah! I will get right to work on my wedding photos that are over 7 years old now!

Patty said...

Beautiful layouts! Lovely!

I am just getting around to commenting on the blogs I'm now following through Stampin' Connection. I invite you to follow me as well (if you are not already) at
Have a fantastic day!

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