Final Exam tonight. Can't wait for tomorrow to start!

I have my final exam tomorrow of the summer term @ UWO tonight.  I can't wait for tomorrow - because the stress will be lifted.  I am always one of those people who will write an exam (or essay) and think - WOW I did great - then bomb it.... or I will think that I bombed it and then do fabulous... so it's always a guessing game with my marks which isn't too fun.  Studying for this exam has been quite rough as my neck has been cramped (kind of like whiplash) for about a week and sitting in one position to read kills me.  Jamie has been wonderful getting everyone out of the house so I can concentrate and doing everything around the house for me.  They even brought me home helium ballons - and got Rachel to say "I'm so proud of you Mom" when she gave me the balloons.  Awwww!  Big rewards for him coming soon!!!  But tomorrow will ROCK!

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Peace Love and Scrappyness said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for your exam! I love how you put your goals on your blog!


Karen said...

Good luck, sorry if its late

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