Boxed up for Christmas Event : I got to meet Maxine Conrad!

Today was the big London "Boxed up for Christmas Event" which was an all-day training event for Demonstrators in SW Ontario.  The highlight of this event was being able to meet and speak with Max Conrad who is one of the best demonstrators in the US - and she also works directly for Stampin' Up! as a Service Account Manager (SAM). She was so lovely, inspirational and gave us all a lot of tips to get to the top.  I loved it!

It was a very nice day, although I had to miss some of it due to some family issues... but thankfully Rachel was able to join me at the event in the afternoon.  Rachel got to meet some great new friends, Makayla and Daley, who entertained her all afternoon.  I got to make some beautiful projects and got some fabulous 3D and Card swaps which I'll show off later on this week. 
I did a demonstrator theatre presentation in the morning.  It was a cute little folio that can hold gift cards.  I'll show that off tomorrow.  It was such an inspirational day - and I'm so glad that I got to spend it with Caroline, Janelle, Janey, Carol and Heather.  So much fun!

If you would like to purchase items to make this project please visit My Online Store.  I appreciate your business!

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Caroline said...

I was so sad to miss this, and Max. Looks like a blast :)

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