Memories of when my daughter was an itty bitty baby. Highlighting the new digital ribbons

Have you ever done something so stupid that you actually cried because of it?  I did - years ago.  I lost a memory card for my digital camera that had EVERY photograph I had taken of my daughter from when she was 5 months old until 9 months old.  I was devastated.   Imagine how happy I was when I discovered it last week - I jumped and danced and spent hours upon hours looking at all of the photos on my computer.  Then I ordered over 200 of them to be printed.

It was so nice to re-live the times when she was little.  She was such a goofy little kid - just like her Daddy.  Now, Jamie is pretty awesome at making sure that I either order photos or get them backed up somewhere other than on the memory card. 

I made this layout of the two of them playing with her toy flowers and flower pot.  She was 6 months old. She loved this thing so much and would carry the little worm with her everywhere.  The layout was digitally scrapped with the "My Digital Studio" crafting software.  I used the new wide striped ribbon download to put the little bow on the layout. In theory, I love bows, but for the life of me I can not tie one.  Plus, in a traditional scrapbook it would be way too bulky for me to put in a page protector, so I love that in digital crafting I can use bows and not be annoyed with them. 

If you would like to purchase items to make this project please visit My Online Store.  I appreciate your business!

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