It's such a quiet day around our house - these two are out & I am relaxing!

Shhhh... it's my 33rd birthday and I'm keeping it low key!  I'm trying to stay in denial that I am this old, LOL!  These two monkeys left for the day - she went to her "work" which is daycare and he went to his work.  It's been blissful having the house to myself.  I got an early present from them - my favourite bubble bath.  It was wonderful to soak in the tub mid-day.  I actually was so relaxed I fell asleep, oops!  I guess I was pretty tired!

Kristine and I spent the afternoon together which was lovely.  Tonight Jamie has arranged a huge dinner at one of my favourite restaurants for us, my family, and all of my friends - I think that there will be 18 of us there.  It's going to be amazing - and I can't wait to have my panzerotti!

I just had to show off some more photos of my favourite people - Jamie and Rachel.  This is a layout featuring some of the photos that I found on my memory card.  This was when we first started to read to her - about 6 months old.  She still loves to read and we are up to 8-10 books a day.  Now, we spend a lot of time at the library!  I hope that she keeps it up and loves to read as much as we do.

Have a wonderful day!


Cindy said...

Happy birthday to you! It looks like you had a great time just relaxing. Just became a follower through SC. Hope you'll follow me, too!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Hi I'm now following you from SC. Hope you will follow me too. My blog is called Penny Tokens and you can find me at:

Birthday Wishes to You...... hope you had a great day!

adamneva said...

Happy birthday to you.I envy you that have a unforgettable birthday.It's my pleasure to invite you to be my guest and leave me your comments.

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