A double layout of the Toronto Zoo - using the Autumn Spice kit!

It's a little hard to upload a double layout onto my blog, so pretend that they are side by side facing each other.  You'll notice that this is actually a mirror image layout - I used the "add duplicate page mirrored" function of the MDS software and just swapped in some new photos.  So the left side took a while to do, and the right side took about 3 seconds.
Do you love the 12x12 sheet that I used for the base of the project?  Here's and MDS tip on how I made it:
  1. Start with a base of 12x12 textured Chocolate chip paper
  2. On top of that place an overlay.  I used an overlay from "Presto Patterns"
  3. Change the colour of the overlay to chocolate chip.  Please note that it will literally disappear.
  4. Now the magic - put a DROP SHADOWon the overlay at 75%.  This will give the whole overlay a shadow.  Lovely!


Erica said...

I really like how you made these layouts- great idea putting a drop shadow on the overlay!

Blissmade Designs said...

Love the kangaroo photos! Your layout looks great! Great digital papers.

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