Here is a great chart showing all of the CORE contents of the My Digital Studio software.

Can you tell that I really enjoy using 
the My Digital Studio software?  

There are so many things that I use this software for - creating my own Christmas Photo Cards (that I will br printing at home - love it!), creating some custom calendars for my family as Christmas Gifts and of course scrapbooking.  The software has templates for each of these (cards, calendars and scrapbook pages) built into it - which makes creating so much easier!

Here is a list of everything that COMES INCLUDED in the MDS software.  I know that I chat a lot about all of the additional downloads, but really there is a TON of stuff that comes with the software. But here is what you get WITH the disk:

Click it to see larger text
As you can see - this is a HUGE software package.  It works both with MAC and Windows Computers.... both laptops and desktop computers.  I do have to note that it won't work on a computer screen smaller than 12" in size (so I don't use it on my notebook)

My Digital Studio software
Now, as for support for you once you purchase My Digital Studio - you can contact me at any time as I am a MDS certified instructor.  In addition - Stampin' Up! has a website which is completely dedicated to the MDS software.  The website is and is for both customers and demonstrators to share their images - you can see thousands of layouts, cards and more made with MDS.  In addition there is an online forum at the website where you can chat about using MDS, techniques and tips.  It's a wonderful resource.  If you join please look me up and add me as a friend because I'd love to see what you create!

Crochet Trim additional download $2.95
If you would like to purchase the My digital Studio software, you can visit my Online Store located here.  The item # for the MDS software is 118108.  You can also click on "digital crafting" on the left column of my store to find it.  It comes in two disks which both have to be installed. 

The software will arrive to you in about 10 days - and it can be shipped anywhere in Canada.  As I mentioned, there are additional downloads that you can purchase for the MDS software.  They are available through my online store as well - and the best thing is that they can be downloaded immediately onto your computer.  You don't have to wait for them to ship to you.  Shipping is free - so you can order $2 or $80 and you won't pay anything in shipping fees.  Yeah!  Have fun crafting!

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