New MDS tutorial - how to resize DSP within a punch

In the My Digital Studio software, once you place a punch on your layout you have the ability to fill it in two different ways - either with card stock or with designer paper.  When you choose to fill it with designer papers, the paper that is placed in the punch will be real-size according to the punch.  You can see this demonstrated in my top photo.  I filled in my heart punch with the flowery pattern.

Now, if I wanted to change the size of the pattern within the punch, there's an easy way to do it.  Say I wanted more flowers... or I wanted less... there is a way to do that and I'll show you how.

First, your punch has to be filled with the designer paper that you want to alter, as I have here in photo 1.

Next what you want to do is double-click on the punched image.  So I've clicked on the heart and a control screen will open up.

On the control screen it will show you which part of the designer paper has been placed inside the punch.  This right here is a great thing - you can move around the punch on the designer paper to capture different images on the paper - so if you want a specific flower to be centered you can do that here.

The part that I want to focus on is the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons that I've highlighted in the photo.  These buttons will allow me to zoom out on the designer paper thus making the print smaller.

Once I've zoomed out, you'll see that there is more of the pattern within the heart, and the pattern is condensed.  This is the look I was going for. 

Alternatively if you wanted to zoom in on the pattern than the flowers would have got bigger.  I am doing this project on an 8x8 layout which allows me more movement in the sizing of my Designer Papers.  The software will tell you if you've zoomed in too far in/out - it does this so your images don't become blurry (technical term is pixelated).

{As an aside - see the "replace image" button - that's what you use to put a photo into a punch}

Anyhow, once I've reached the desired images within the punch I will click on "okay" and the control screen will then close.

It will bring me back to the layout I was working on with the updated version of my punch shown.  This is a fun way to play around with punches on your layout.  I hope that you found this tutorial easy to follow.

I added some more embellishments and layers to this project.  I finished it off with a title.  A nice quick 8x8 scrapbook page.  The finished project is below - what do you think?


heather said...
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heather said...

Thank you for sharing this tip ! New follower from SC,

Kathy Mc said...

Just found your tutorial through MDS posting. Had the software shortly after SU introduced it but not a frequent user. Guess if I spent more time fooling with it, I'm become a little proficient. This is a GREAT tutorial and will peruse your blog even more. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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