So excited about tonight! And an update on December

Winter Wonderland layout
I am really excited for my November downline meeting this evening.  We're having it at a fabulous local restaurant here in London and I can't wait.  A whol bunch of my downline are able to make it - some that I haven't even met yet and I can't wait to see them all!  6pm can't come soon enough!

December is going to be massively busy for me.  I do have 3-4 pre-booked stamping events however I won't be booking any more.  Sorry!  The reason is that I am in FINALS!!!  I'm taking some courses up at University and have exams staggered throughout December.  Unfortunately the University has scheduled them quite sporadically and I'll be writing for 2+ weeks.  I'm pulling off straight A's right now (a first for me in University) and I really want to maintain that grade through my finals... so lots of studying for me.  On top of that, Jamie is going in for eye surgery as well this month so he'll need some extra care and attention after the surgery.  I will have a full class list for January posted mid-December, as well as New Year club info coming too.  2011 is going to be very exciting and I can't wait to see you all soon!  That being said, if you have any questions at all I am always around to answer them for you.  Please check out the "contact Alesha" link at the top on how to reach me.  Don't be shy - I'd love a reason to put down the books for a few minutes!

Merry Christmas Card
I've got a TON of beautiful uploads planned for you (and pre-scheduled) over the next month - so pop back daily and I'll have something pretty to inspire you.  If there's any sales that come up, I'll keep you up to date on that.  If you would like to purchase items to make this project please visit My Online Store as it will be open all month.  Everything ships right to your door.  I appreciate your business!

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Totallyawake said...

Congratulations on the straight A's Alesha ... sending knock em dead vibes for your exams!

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